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We Won’t Leave You Hanging

At Say Insurance, we never want to leave a driver stranded on the side of the road, which is why we provide Roadside Assistance coverage in our policies.

Do All Policies Include Roadside Assistance Coverage?

Some insurance companies offer a roadside assistance policy as an additional coverage option but, at Say, we include it in every policy. Even if you only purchased the bare bones, legally required, state minimums, kind of policy, we will include Roadside Assistance at no extra cost.

How Much Roadside Assistance Coverage Do I Get?

At Say, we’ll cover up to $100 worth of Roadside Assistance per incident. That means if one day you lock yourself out of your car, and the locksmith charges you $85, we’d cover it. If a week later you broke down and get $120 towing bill, we’d pay $100 and you’d pay $20.

Through Road America, our Roadside Assistance will cover:

  • Towing
  • Extraction of a vehicle if it’s within 50 feet of a paved or regular-maintained road
  • Jump starts
  • Removal of a flat tire in replacement with your cars spare
  • Fuel, oil, or water, delivery if that’s needed to get you going again
  • Lockout services

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