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2019 01 14 Blog Man Calculating Numbers Auto Insurance Score

How to Improve Your Auto Insurance Score

A higher insurance score can lead to a lower car insurance rate. And who doesn't love saving some money?

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2016 08 10 Carnivalgame Score

Insurance Score

We keep talking about this insurance score thing. Let's talk about why—more specifically, where it comes from, what it means and why we care.

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2017 08 18 Say Blogphoto Insurancescorevscreditscore

Insurance Score Versus Credit Score

A lot of people either use credit and insurance score interchangeably or assume insurance score is driving record. Here's why both are wrong.

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2016 08 10 Grouptablet Beyondinsurancescore

Rate Factors Beyond the Insurance Score

We think knowing your insurance score is great, but it's not the only thing that determines your premium. Check out what else has you paying what you pay for auto insurance.

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2017 11 21 Say Blogphoto Sayscore

The Say Score

Insurance score plus Say renewal points equals Say score and savings. Check out one perk of being a Say customer.

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